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​Mental Health 


​Seneca Student 


​Event Marketing 


​Virtual Event 


  • Our main motive with the event was to educate the attendees of mental health and give them real life insight on the concerning issue

  • To make the event more engaging we brought games and gifts for the attendees which enabled them to learn about the topic in a fun way without getting bored



At the start of our event there were 33 online attendees and they all stayed with us interacting and participating in the games and quizzes that we organized this showed the audience behaviour and experience even when our guest speaker asked some questions to attendees there were a lot of reactions to it in the comment box.


the whole event was take taken out and delivered as we planned such as the videos, we played turned out to be very informative and interesting rather being boring this could because of the music in the videos they helped the attendees to stay connected with the event. The mental check-up that I did at the start of the event through menti was also very appropriate at that time. All the quizzes that were prepared by I were very appropriate to the topic and were entertaining resulting good amount of people participating in the quiz. Including the real-life stories of people who overcame mental illness seemed to have become a crucial part of our event as this showed the attendees that how crucial it is to understand the importance of mental wellness.


Even though most of our event went as we planned but there were sometimes when we derailed from the topic or you could say there was some miscommunication between our members. when we were talking about mental health at work place and effects of mental health on students, we wanted to take a break in between effects of mental issues on students and sports in mental health and wanted to play a quiz in order to keep the event interesting and informative but because of lack of coordination between the team the emcee introduced sports in mental health.


The future event organizers I'd to keep the event as much interactive and Interest as possible in addition to that include games and quizzes play some motivational videos if you are presenting a sensitive topic

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