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I’m a campaign creator, content consultant and self-professed story fanatic. I love combining unique ideas and creating unforgettable narratives for brands.

I am delighted to introduce myself as Mai Nguyen Tan Dat. I was born on August 25th, 2001. I hail from Vungtau city, Vietnam. It’s a small city in the south of the country and it’s a really peaceful city. I am blessed with a nuclear family of four members which includes my parents, me and my younger brother. In the past few months, I has successfully completed and graduated from the Bachelor of Art (Honours) Business Management (Entrepreneurship) (Top Up) programme with the University of Greenwich (UK) conducted through ERC Institute (ERCI) in Singapore on 22nd June ,2020.


Let talk about my plan in next couple years and why I pursure my dream in Canada  


After I graduated from ERC Institute (ERCI) in Singapore , I didn’t realized that what I wanted to do with my life. There is so many option that I have struggle in my brain, I was obliged to decide to choose between doing a master’s or joining the workforce. I found myself in the “money vs time dilemma” do I find a job and start earning; do I invest my money in experiencing the world, or do I spend it on more education? I quickly dismissed the prospect of travelling the world for this particular time, which meant that I had to choose whether I wanted to start work or continue studying. If I got a job, I could start earning money, but if I chose to undertake more study, I could expand my knowledge. To help me decide, I did what I knew best. I started researching the perceived pros and cons of each option. After speaking to many people and especially my parents , I quickly learned that I wasn’t quite ready to put on my big-boy shoes and get a job. In fact, such conversations helped me realise that if I want to pursue my dream job as operational manager for the ‘Byron Bay Bluesfest’, ‘’ Ultra Music Festival’’ or ‘’Tomorrowland’’, even a event festival in my country and that is when I seriously started considering not only embarking on a master’s course in event marketing. A postgraduate course will a necessary stepping stone that would help me to cement a new skills for my career, a necessity nowadays for entering the real world. After expressing my wishes , my parent support me wholeheartedly because they can help me fulfill my dream. 

I have achieved noteworthy milestones in academia such as I had accomplishment and fulfillment Senior Secondary from the Humanities and Social Sciences board in 2017 with 71% respectively. After completion of my school graduation, I decided to pursue my further studies in Singapore so I searched many options and after being decided with everything such as course, educational destination & course provider. I appeared for the IELTS exam on 15/08/2017 and got overall 6.0 bands. I also successfully studied from the Foundation of Business Management programmes to Advanced Diploma of Marketing & Sales Management at ERC Institute, Singapore. And recently, the academic success I am most proud of is that I managed to graduate from the Bachelor of Art (Honours) Business Management (Entrepreneurship) (Top Up) programme with the University of Greenwich conducted through ERC Institute (ERCI), It was just such a wonderful moment of achievement. 


My plan in Canada in next two years will be below:


-  Post Graduate Event Marketing – Sports, Entertainment, Arts - from 07th September 2021 to April 2022

- Post Graduate Event Management – Creative Design – From 09th September 2022 to April 20223 


My future plans will be to join a multinational company in my own country. After studied through this esteemed university I will get more exposure and a good salary package in MNC. After completing my study I will get a plethora of opportunities and research work in my country. My ambition is to work in MNC that would boost my knowledge and standard of living. I am sure that the highly acclaimed Pre Master of Even Marketing program will help me fulfill my ambition. I can work as a Account co-ordinator, Brand activation co-ordinator Brand ambassador, Event marketing co-ordinator,etc.

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